The franchising industry has undergone many changes since the concept first was utilized by Isaac M. Singer to distribute his revolutionary sewing machines to a wider audience and milk shake mixer salesman Ray Kroc partnered with the McDonald brothers in the late 1950’s. Currently accounting for over $800 Billion dollars in annual sales and representing over 40% of all retail sales in North America, the franchising community has experienced explosive growth over the last 50 years, as entrepreneurs of all kinds are continually drawn to the inherent advantages of owning a franchised business.

Franchise owners and executives need to stay on the cutting edge to compete in this crowded marketplace. They face pressure from all sides – from franchisors that want to ensure their products are marketed and sold correctly to customers that demand they receive the service and products they expect from the brands they love. Franchising Today, is the must-read trade publication for these franchise professionals that want to stay informed of the latest trends and challenges in this dynamic marketplace, including sales and marketing best practices, real estate trends, regulatory and legal issues and much more.

Through our print and digital publications, website, industry associations and independent editorial, Franchising Today ensures these executives are kept up-to-date on the latest happenings in the franchising space. Each issue profiles dozens of successful franchisees – from owner-operators of single unit franchises to large multi-unit businesses - and features in-depth interviews with the executives that run them. You can also turn to our web site, Facebook page and Twitter page to keep abreast of trends and news in the industry as they happen.

Franchising Today is the just-in-time vehicle for industry leaders who want to read about, reach and influence the franchising sector.

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