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Email marketing

How email marketing can help multi-unit franchises improve communication with customers.

By Nora Snoddy

Managing multi-location franchises comes with a unique set of challenges. Franchise leaders must address the individual needs of their locations, yet maintain a cohesive brand image across all of them. They must empower their franchisees, but at the same time ensure they’re providing a consistent experience for customers. 

Fortunately, some of these problems can be solved with email marketing, which gives franchises the perfect opportunity to connect with their customers and deliver their message in a unique and effective way. Through strategic email marketing, franchise leaders can get customers in the door and maintain a strong brand synergy by delivering exactly what their subscribers want. 

Here are several challenges franchise marketers often face and ways email marketing can support them. 

The Challenge: Maintaining control at a corporate level

The Solution: One central admin 

When it comes to streamlining brand messaging, it is important that multi-units have one central administrator to keep the brand interconnected. This must-have operation allows you to set up sub-accounts for every location and easily manage them from one central account. It gives you the ability to give franchisees as much freedom as you would like without losing your central authority.

The Challenge: Staying true to your brand identity

The Solution: Asset sharing

A strong brand identity is the best way to bolster a franchise’s image with their customers. Having a platform that is easy to use internally is key. When multi-unit franchisees can share creative assets – like logos, images, and templates – across all the locations within one central platform, a consistent brand experience is delivered for customers.

The Challenge: Creative messaging

The Solution: Empowering your franchisees

While it’s important to stay true to your brand identity, it’s critical to not shy away from opportunities to have a more local presence with just a handful of franchise locations. That said, it’s vital to empower franchisees to create and send email campaigns that are relevant for the local market because they know those specific customers best, but continue to maintain the overarching brand identity to stay consistent. With that, it’s important to understand the best way to present this information for your franchisees in a way that includes all the content you wish to present and keeps the intended audience interested and engaged.

The Challenge: Customer engagement  

The Solution: Think about mobile design

The importance of mobile design is impossible to ignore when engaging with customers. Take, for instance, that 80 percent of people will simply delete an email if it doesn’t look good on a smart phone. In order to manage this across multi-units, use an email template that already reflects your brand identity and is also responsive. It automatically adapts to look great, regardless of the device that your customers are using to view email. But don’t stop with just your email. Most email drives your customers to do something else, like visit a website, make a purchase or watch a video, so make sure those landing pages are also optimized for mobile. You don’t want to lose them right when they’re ready to do what you’re asking them to do because it’s too hard to see on their phone.

Don’t Forget Social!

The bottom line is that more brand conversation leads to more revenue. Show customers the value of joining your email list by occasionally sharing your emails on your social channels after you send. Even better, tease the content of an upcoming email a couple days before you send. Customers love to be in the know, so they’ll sign up for fear of missing out on the big news. And once someone signs up, be sure to give them an experience worthy of them inviting you into their inbox.

Consumers pave the way for what they expect from a business. It is important for franchisees to continually listen to their customers and provide them with the service they desire, and that the effort to create quality experiences extends to the inbox. Email marketing gives multi-unit franchisees the perfect opportunity to connect and deliver their message in a unique and effective way to get customers in the door, turn first-time guests into regulars and maintain a strong brand image by delivering exactly what they ask for.

Nora Snoddy is director of demand programs at Campaign Monitor.


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