Social media

A cry for Yelp: Tips for franchisees who want to maximize

the benefits of the popular social media app.

By Jenna Oltersdorf

Your Yelp page will make or break your business. It’s usually the first place a potential customer will go, even before your website, so it’s important that it’s all buttoned up. The restaurant scene is already competitive, so don’t let your Yelp page – something you can (mostly!) control – be the reason customers eat down the street.


Franchisees considering generational transfers

need to plan for heightened regulations.

By Keith Plywaczynski

For every business owner, a personal exit strategy is as important as the operational and strategic decisions that running a business requires. Planning for the future and monetizing your life’s work is a vital step in the franchise lifecycle. If your personal exit strategy is creating a family legacy through generational transferring, be wary of heightened regulations.


Caveat Emptor: Here are five points for you to consider

before buying a company-owned restaurant franchise.

By Douglas McKenzie and Mike Vallorosi

Call it a sign of economic strength or simply thriving entrepreneurship, but franchisors are in the throes of another initiative to re-franchise stores. In recent years, large publicly owned chains have put hundreds of company-owned stores on the market after buying them back from troubled franchisees during the depths of the recession.

Multiple Franchises

If you own a franchise and are looking to increase the return on your investment,

the best strategy might be to add more locations of your current franchise. 

By Steve Castle

Chances are, you already spent a significant amount of time performing due diligence on your franchise investment. You chose to own a franchise because there was something about it that struck a chord with you, whether it was belief in the brand, the strength of the business model or the convenience of taking over a turnkey operation. All of these factors are still in place, so why re-invent the wheel? 

Choosing a Franchise

Big Decision: Here are three key support elements

that you need to evaluate before choosing a franchise.

By Richard F. Peroe

Starting your own business – even one with an established brand – is challenging, but being your own boss can be deeply rewarding. With so many franchise options today, narrowing in on the right opportunity might be a tough decision. How do you know what types of questions to ask to determine whether a business is right for you?

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