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With more than 250 franchised training centers around the globe,

Sandler Training teaches companies how to succeed in business.

By Stephanie Crets

Last year, more than 31,000 people participated in Sandler Training® programs. The company is a premier sales training franchise with more than 250 training centers in 29 countries throughout the world.

Entrepreneurs and small businesses that may not have the financial wherewithal to provide internal training come to Sandler Training’s centers to obtain training and coaching. On the other end of the spectrum, larger companies such as Salesforce, LinkedIn, Oracle and Mass Mutual have Sandler Training hold boot camps for their salesforces.

David Sandler founded Sandler Training in 1967. He was a young salesman at the time and didn’t like the way he was trained to sell by his employer. He developed his own sales philosophy that became so successful he refined it and turned it into a comprehensive selling system for companies.Sandler Training Fact Box

Sandler Training became a successful franchise by accident. In 1984, 11 different people approached Sandler because they wanted to do what he was doing. So, he gave them the rights and suddenly it was a franchise. “An official from the State of Illinois called us and said we looked like a franchise, and sure enough, we were a franchise,” CEO and President David Mattson explains. “We kept going into cities, progressing and continuing to develop. We found representation and people wanted to have their own locations. And then we started internationally on purpose.”

While Sandler Training is global in nature, there are not many similar companies in the industry. Mattson says one thing that makes the company unique is that the training centers teach something called ‘The Success Triangle,’ which targets three major points of personal development: attitude, behavior and technique. 

“Everyone has technique training, but few teach the attitudes and behaviors of how to deal with rejection, comfort zones and success,” he says. “No one teaches behaviors, such as what do you need to do every day to be successful? No one really knows that. Sandler teaches all three of those points on the triangle and that is very unique.

“Training is where we teach the skills on how to sell; coaching is where we find some skill deficiency,” he continues. “It’s not that you don’t know what to do; we have to teach you how to do something in a specific scenario. What’s holding you back mentally? We talk about what you should be doing that you’re not doing with more application. Training is the what, coaching is the how.”

Track Record

Sandler Training has won many awards for its franchise success, including being named the No. 1 Business Services Franchise by Franchise Business Review and No. 1 Training Franchise by Entrepreneur magazine’s “Franchise 500” 13 times in a row. Mattson notes, “After almost 50 years in business, 30 of which we’ve been franchising, we’ve got the track record and our proof of concept has been well established.”

Prospective franchisees come to Sandler Training because they want to own their business, while also providing a service to a familiar world for them. Franchisees have the opportunity to grow their business at a rate that’s comfortable for them, backed by a strong, well-known brand. There are no exclusive territories, but Sandler Training likes to establish one franchise per every half-a-million people in a territory.

“People want to be independent and an entrepreneur, but also want to rely on the support of a franchise,” Mattson notes. “We’re a business concept franchise; people don’t want to be micromanaged and they enjoy that. Most people are coming to us because they’re tired of traveling, want to spend more time with their family and control their destiny. Most of them are sales managers, so it’s a natural extension to what they’re accustomed to doing, but now on a much larger scale.”

For a franchisee, Sandler Training offers in-depth training and support, as well online and offline coaching and programs through leader guides, business intelligence tools and marketing. “In essence, we give you what you need to start to operate and you may add salespeople if you choose,” Mattson adds. “A lot of our franchisees are just a husband and wife, but most have two to three people in the office, while some have 10 to 12. It just depends on the level of growth you want to achieve.”

Culture Shift

Under Mattson’s leadership, Sandler Training has undergone a complete company transformation and cultural shift since he purchased the company in 2012. Now, everyone is unified in their commitment to bring the best sales training programs to all corners of the world and grow the franchise base every day.

“The stronger Sandler is, the more valuable our clients’ business is,” Mattson says. “If people know there’s a mission and you’re updating them constantly, they work harder for you.”


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