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GACO Sourcing builds brand recognition through specialty products for companies and franchises.

By Stephanie Crets

If a company or franchise is looking for better branding opportunities or a more creative way to showcase its brand, they should look no further than GACO Sourcing. Founded in 2006, GACO provides high-quality products through creative branding techniques, all while providing best-in-class services for a variety of industries including fitness, retail, nonprofits, e-commerce, food, automotive and ad agencies.

“I know confidently that we have some of the best customer service there is,” CEO Stephanie Wineman says. “We have great relationships with our vendors, which allow us to do a better buy. The knowledge we have overseas allows us a better buy. We have an excellent, supportive, creative culture, and then that translates to our customers.”

No job or event is too small or large for GACO to outfit with creative branding needs. GACO offers more than 500,000 items in its catalog, including tote bags, uniforms, sunglasses, office supplies, umbrellas, lip balms, USB drives and even beer growlers. These items can be used as giveaways at tradeshows, to better outfit employees for franchises or for general promotion.GACO Fact Box

“We want to build your brand,” Wineman says. “We want you to feel good about the item we’re giving you, and the end-user is receiving it thinks it’s creative and useful, something that will make that brand stand out from the rest.”

GACO offers a lot of behind-the-scenes work as well for its customers. The company will help develop products, loyalty and rewards programs and e-commerce websites, as well as help companies source products thanks to its many positive vendor relationships.

New Opportunities

GACO recently got into the franchise business and sees a wealth of opportunities to help these franchising companies. “With franchises, we really act as a partner,” Wineman explains. “We develop the website for them – whether external or internal – so that their franchisees can order direct from there. They’ll know their shipping costs and then we do the drop-ship for them. We offer our knowledge in keeping costs down, while holding onto the integrity of the brand. We strongly believe in holding that integrity. We follow that and become a really good partner with them, which allows them to grow.”

One of GACO’s enthusiastic and passionate franchise customers is Massage Green Spa. Wineman says she fell into this partnership by accident. She and Massage Green Spa’s president, Ali Mallad, happened to sit next to each other on a plane from Los Angeles to Detroit. The two struck up a conversation about their professions. “I said, ‘Well, you see that shirt you’re wearing? I could probably get you a nicer and better-fitting shirt with a nicer logo on it. He started laughing and that’s how we started doing business together.”

Two weeks later, Wineman brought Mallad two suitcases filled with Massage Green Spa apparel with which to outfit the franchisees. “We do all the apparel and all their print materials now,” she says. “If they want something custom, we do that, too. It worked out really well for both of us.”

This is just one example of the relationships that GACO builds with every client, treating them more as a partner than simply a customer. “We cover everywhere since that’s what the industry allows, and we travel to our clients that are out of Michigan,” Wineman adds.

GACO wants to expand outside of Michigan, especially since some of its largest customers are located elsewhere. Currently, the company has a satellite office in Florida, with plans to add more throughout the United States. But it all depends on finding the right salespeople for the company. And Wineman has other goals as GACO grows.

“I would love to be able to fit in more franchise business because I think we service it so well,” she says. “We have such a great team that everyone really supports one another, wants to see each other grow and wants to see GACO be successful. We as a team really collaborate to offer the best to our clients. I am very fortunate to have what I have and to have built what I’ve built so far.”



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