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WellBiz Brands’ unique health and wellness concepts make it stand out from other franchisors.

By Chris Petersen

No two people are exactly alike, and that means no one fitness regimen can truly fit all. That’s the philosophy behind WellBiz Brands Inc., which manages three unique health and wellness franchise concepts built around the idea that personalized training and wellness is the most effective way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Today, WellBiz Brands’ three concepts have nearly 400 locations across the country and continue to grow, something CEO Jeff Jervik attributes to the unique personalized approach the concepts employ and the dedication of their franchisees.

The company’s original brand, Fitness Together®, was started in 1996 by a personal trainer who had worked in big-box-style chain gyms and wasn’t satisfied with the level of service and fitness they provided for their members. With a desire to provide customers with a more personalized approach to fitness, Fitness Together was established and quickly grew to hundreds of locations within its first 10 years.

Around 2006, the company established the Elements Massage® brand, which is focused on providing therapeutic massage. The company’s third concept FIT36®, started franchising in 2014 and is focused on providing an intense and personalized workout experience for customers.WellBiz Fact Box

A veteran of the franchising industry, Jervik joined WellBiz Brands in 2008 and says the core of what makes it successful is the devotion everyone within the company has for helping their customers become healthier and lead more active lives. “What I like about the three brands is that we’re really focused on wellness,” Jervik says. “We’re focused on changing lives.”

Unique Concepts

One of the biggest reasons for the success of WellBiz Brands’ concepts has been their focus on personalized fitness and wellness programs for each customer. Jervik says it’s because of this focus that Fitness Together stands alone among other fitness concepts. “There’s really no one that does what Fitness Together does,” he says. “When it comes to personal training, we really don’t have competition in that part of the industry – in franchising, anyway.”

Although there are many other massage concepts out there, Elements Massage is unique because of its concentration on therapeutic massage rather than most other concepts’ focus on day spa-style services. “What sets us apart there is that we really do focus on just one thing,” Jervik says.

Young people, especially millennials, are looking for a more intense fitness routine than those offered by the major chain gyms, Jervik says, and FIT36 was created in response to that trend. “FIT36 – between the science that we’ve created and developed – it’s just a different workout and it’s a very intense workout and you get all of what you need in 36 minutes,” Jervik says. “There’s no one else who’s out there doing what we’re doing there.”

The Right People

Another big reason for the success of WellBiz Brands’ concepts has been the strength of its franchisees, and Senior Vice President of Franchise Development Lauren Johnson says the company has been diligent about finding franchisees who not only believe in the concepts and have the business savvy to make them successful, but also fit in well with the company’s culture. “The numbers are there, the business models are strong, but if it’s not the right fit it’s not going to work out for them,” she says.

“Not everyone makes it through our process,” Jervik says. “It’s so important in franchising that you find the right match for your concept.” But the company’s highly selective vetting process is worth it because it results in a team of highly motivated and dedicated franchisees who deliver the best possible service to their customers every day and add to the overall success of the brands, he adds.

“It’s fun to be a part of a system of studios and businesses where you have franchisees who really are in business for the right reasons,” Jervik says.

Continued Growth

Jervik says everyone is becoming more conscious about their health today, which is good news for WellBiz Brands and its concepts. “It’s a huge segment and being a boomer myself, we all want to live longer, so we really have this market that stretches all the way from the millennials to the boomers, where everyone is looking for a healthier lifestyle.”

The company aims to grow by nearly 25 percent each year, with same-store sales and new locations contributing to that growth. Jervik says that’s a trend WellBiz Brands sees as holding true for a while. “We see growth continuing to be really robust in brands,” he says. “I think we’re positioned very well in all three brands to set ourselves apart from the other franchises.”


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