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Handyman Matters has created support systems that franchisees can rely on,

allowing them to become reliable allies in their communities.

By Eric Slack

Started in 1998 by CEO Andy Bell, Handyman Matters remains a founder-led organization that has been franchising since 2002. The company’s goal has been to create allies in its community and redefine the home improvement industry. Today the company’s footprint extends across 32 states with 126 active territories.

“We believe our locations can build a base of happy repair customers that will earn us the trust to ladder up to the critical projects such as bathrooms, decks and medium to larger renovation and remodel jobs,” Director of Franchise Development Jameka Spencer says. “Our services are now offered across commercial, residential and national accounts.”

The Right Ties

As the company has grown through franchising, it has pursued a variety of methods to find franchisees. From brokers and online leads to referrals from existing franchisees, Handyman Matters finds prospective owners and then goes through a mutual vetting process to make sure it is the right fit for all parties. The company is not necessarily looking for general contractors or individuals who have always worked in construction. Instead, it wants franchisees that have executive-level management experience.Handyman Fact Box

“We get to know their financials and if they will be well-capitalized for this kind of business,” Spencer says. “They need to understand that they have to market themselves to bring this opportunity. They need to want to work hard, and they need to have grit and business acumen.”

Helping Hands

The company provides extensive support when it brings a franchise into the fold. Recruiting is one of the areas where Handyman Matters supports its franchisees to make good choices to build and retain their employees. It has invested heavily in systems to help recruit, screen and hire employees. Owners have the option to use Complete Applicant Management Systems designed to be easy to use and manage, helping them staff their businesses efficiently and effectively.

“These are proactive recruitment platforms that simultaneously run ads on multiple job boards,” Spencer says. “They can pull applicants and set up interviews whenever needed, so they don’t have to be reactive and wait for people to apply.”

Technology and pay-per-click (PPC) programs are another area of support.  Handyman Matters has entered into a long term Digital Marketing partnership with Yodle Business Network (YBN); offered by the Digital Marketing giant, Yodle, a subsidiary of Web.com. YBN was created exclusively created for franchise systems to optimize digital footprints including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Management (SEM), as well as web geo-site management allowing for vast content distribution over hundreds of syndicated search directories.  Handyman Matters’ PPC program concentrates efforts on keywords that coordinate with franchisee services, which allows customers to find them and their business online at the moment they need to solve a problem.

Handyman Matters provides a PPC strategy, PPC optimization and budget management tools to deliver excellent results in the form of leads, helps franchisees use their budget spend efficiently, and offers flexibility with regards to spend and targeting. These PPC programs are designed with consumer search behavior in mind as well as driving leads that are profitable and executable at the local level. Based on a franchisee’s grand opening date, the company can turn on the PPC program to start filling the pipeline with customers and ensure a stream of revenue from the start.

“Many franchisees have no personal or management history with construction, so we provide a centralized marketing dashboard that has all kinds for resources and brand items,” Spencer says. “If they need things specialized, we have an in-house marketing team to support them. We also run different monthly marketing campaigns and work with vendors to help franchisees book their schedules.”

One more important franchisee support area is operations. The Handyman Matters support center provides owners with a set of processes, systems, best practices and training that the company has been using and modifying since its earliest days. Handyman Matters’ operations and logistics programs run smoothly and efficiently, leaving franchisees the necessary time to manage their business.

Prior to attending the company’s Franchise University, franchisees are assigned a regional support director to facilitate on-boarding. Then comes Franchise University, a hands-on training program designed to ensure that franchisees return to their business completely prepared and ready to open.

Prior to opening, the regional director helps with preparation for a successful launch. When the franchise opens, the regional director is on site to coach the on-boarding and training of local staff and ensures each office and system is set up. Handyman Matters helps franchisees create an initial 90-day operating plan designed to maximize profitable revenue generating activity. The company’s support center and regional support director continue to work with franchisees after they open, as the company offers supporting programs (including onsite visits) and constant contact so franchisees never feel left out in the cold.

Looking Forward

In the years ahead, Handyman Matters will continue to seek growth while also helping current franchisees get to the next level. Over time, the company would like to raise its brand awareness and have an owner in every state so it can become the nation’s household name for its industry. It will continue to invest in its technology and support systems so it can help owners to serve residential, commercial and national accounts while running with low overhead and good profit.

“As a technology-based, founder-led company, we want to ensure that our franchisees will never be just a number in the system,” Spencer says. “We want to be the ally in the community and build trusting local reputations for each owner.”



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