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When United Country Real Estate started in 1925 its marketing efforts were already far ahead of its competitors. The company was the first to print a national catalog of small town, country, rural and lifestyle properties for sale, helping prospective buyers find properties outside of major cities all over the United States.

That catalog was a significant innovation at the time and set the stage for a company that is still innovating today. “Although the vast majority of our buyers and sellers come from our extensive web and e-marketing, our affiliates continue to have loyal clients that look forward to receiving the catalog and finding their next dream property,” Chief Operations Officer Doug Adams says.

United Country’s customers are looking for an escape outside of urban America – whether it’s a second home, weekend retreat, ranch, recreational or hunting property, investment property, farm or place to spend their retirement or other related property. Finding those properties has only gotten easier with the internet. “The biggest change has been the advancements in technology and evolving digital marketing techniques,” Adams says. United Country Fact Box“We recognized that change and the role that good technology plays in building a successful real estate company. As a result, we’ve hired the best technology group possible - some of which were recognized as Microsoft’s Global Partner of the Year prior to coming to United Country.

“This investment has kept our franchise partners’ technology well ahead of the competition.” Adams adds.

Just as it was more than 90 years ago, United Country remains dedicated to providing broader marketing exposure for sellers throughout the United States and Central America. For example, most Realtors in lifestyle markets advertise their websites and listings according to location: city, county or state. United Country takes a different approach, focusing not only on location but also the types of properties, such as ranches, horse properties, lakefront homes, log cabins and over 30 other niche property types.

An individual looking for a golf course home for example might not think of Wichita Falls, Texas, but when they search by property type instead of location they are more likely to find exactly what they want, even if it’s in an unexpected or lesser known town or place. “Uniquely, we enable buyers to search for the ‘what’ they want in real estate just as easily as they can search for the ‘where,’” Adams explains.

Advanced and Extensive Web Presence

Because United Country offers buyers both approaches with over 3,500 exclusive United Country specialty websites, its listings appear at the top of most online search engine results. That search engine marketing is handled entirely by an SEO team in its Kansas City, Mo., headquarters. Franchises need only submit information on their local listings, and then United Country’s centralized marketing team takes care of search engine optimization (SEO). “We provide extensive SEO services for our franchisees, so they can deliver more exposure for their local listings,” Adams contends. “Our agents provide more exposure and more potential buyers to sellers’ listings than any other agent can offer, period.”

Additionally, United Country sets up individually customized websites for every office and additional websites for individual agents and auctioneers, allowing them to cater to their specific market, property type and listings. “We’re the only franchise company that provides optimized websites internationally, nationally, statewide, locally. Buyers can even drill down to the specific listing, both by location or property type” Adams adds.

Those extensive and unique online marketing efforts support United Country’s nearly 500 offices and 4,000 agents in the United States and resort areas of Mexico and Central America. The advanced marketing brings in buyers to local markets from across the nation and around the world.

The company is growing rapidly, with approximately 60 new offices joining each year. There are over 3,000 non-urban counties in the United States and United Country has a mission to ensure it has an office in each of those markets.

To meet possible franchisees in those regions, United Country conducts extensive research, in-market visits and focused advertising directed sponsor events. Examples of these partnerships include the Realtors Land Institute’s National Land Conference and partners with like-minded organizations such as Ducks Unlimited, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, John Deere and the National Auctioneers Association. “We are committed to bringing this advanced system to lifestyle and country real estate professionals both domestically and internationally,” Adams says. The system seems to be working, as they have grown to over $6 billion in sales in 2016, and are now the largest seller of land in the United States.

Some franchisees are opening new offices but most are established real estate offices who have served their markets for years and want to take their business to the next level. “We provide a unique and advantaged platform for them to do that,” Adams says.

Comprehensive Platform

United Country offers its franchisees a simple and singular platform that handles everything from technology services – website design, hosting and SEO – to its proprietary customer relationship management (CRM) system. The platform also gives members free access to an exclusive national database of more than 700,000 buyers, a customer pool no other real estate company can provide. In addition to the website and catalog marketing described above, the centralized support team advertises listings in national print magazines, newspapers, emails, social media, non-owned leading third-party websites and more. Lastly, an internal advertising agency allows United Country’s affiliates to offer any advertising and marketing a seller may need from custom listing websites, drone video services to enhanced marketing plans.

Another unique aspect to United Country’s franchise is its auction services department. Launching in 2006, United Country Auction Services has quickly grown to be the largest integrated real estate auction company in the United States. “It’s been really fun to watch our traditional offices work with our auction offices on projects,” Adams adds. “They are achieving successful outcomes for our clients that otherwise would not have been possible.”

That support is bolstered by United Country’s training programs. The company offers training on the national, regional and local office levels. New franchisees also participate in a five-day orientation class at United Country’s headquarters as part of the onboarding process. Further, each office has access to a dedicated business consultant who provides onsite training to brokers, auctioneers and agents.

Armed with a comprehensive marketing program, advanced technology platform and extensive training opportunities, United Country provides extensive support for its franchisees to achieve additional success. “Our affiliates can leverage the platform to drive a point of differentiation in the market, to win more and bigger listings and, in turn, find more buyers which leads to more commission dollars earned,” Adams says.


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