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Whether it’s a franchisee or a customer, Rocket Fizz aims to provide them

with a unique and fun experience.

By Bianca Herron

Robert Powells and Ryan Morgan founded The Rocket Fizz Soda Pop & Candy Shops LLC with one goal in mind in 2007: to provide people of all ages and backgrounds a good time. 

Rocket Fizz opened its first candy store in Camarillo, Calif., two years later, and Rich Shane became its CEO in 2012. Today, the franchise has 147 stores, seven of which are company owned, and it offers one of the largest and most diverse selections of glass-bottled soda pops and retro candies for sale in the United States.

“We pride ourselves on carrying unique and fun products for people of all ages,” says Powells, who is president of the fast-growing chain. “Our stores are very fun and easy to operate. We have many franchisees that own more than one store, which is always a good thing.”

Keys To Success

In six years, Rocket Fizz has become the largest and fastest-growing soda pop and candy shop franchise brand in the United States. Powells attributes the Camarillo-based company’s success to its appearing on TV shows and tapping key licensing partnerships.

Rocket Fizz has appeared on several television shows, including Tanked, Food Factory USA, Lets Make A Deal, The Price Is Right and Rocket Fizz info boxUndercover Boss. “These shows have provided us with a lot of exposure,” Powells says. “I was actually the boss who wore the funny wig on Undercover Boss, which has aired more than 70 times since its debut in 2015.”

The company also has photo-licensing partnerships with brands such as The Three Stooges and King Kong, as well as music groups such as The Monkees and Kiss (pictured above with Powells). “We also have product placements in movies and television shows,” Powells says. “It’s important to us to ensure our brand is always featured in a TV show or movie and have celebrities talk about it. These things not only give us a boost and help with our franchise sales, but they also drive a lot of foot traffic to our stores.”

Even with more than 10,000 SKUs – including candy, toys, gadgets, concert posters and old tin signs – Rocket Fizz constantly adds to its inventory. “It’s important to us to never be complacent,” Powells explains. “If anyone goes to a Rocket Fizz store one day and goes back another, they will see something different. We’re always creating something new.”

Powells also attributes Rocket Fizz’s success to its soda pop bottling facility. “We are not just a franchisor, but continue to create and bottle fun soda pop flavors and labels, which we supply to all Rocket Fizz franchisees for resale,” he says.

Rocket Fizz features more than 500 glass-bottled sodas in its stores, 135 of which are Rocket Fizz sodas. Its flavors include bacon, ranch dressing, “barf” and key lime pie. “We only use natural mountain spring water and real cane sugar in our sodas,” Powells notes. “We also flash-pasteurize to minimize the amount of chemicals that goes into our soda, which are actually very healthy.”

For the Fun of It

When a customer walks into a Rocket Fizz store, it’s possible that their “senses will overload” because all of its bold colors and “old school music blasting,” according to Powells. He adds that the company’s fun atmosphere is one of the main reasons why franchisees choose to sign on with Rocket Fizz.

 “Our stores are fun and not hard to run at all,” he says. “They are incredibly happy and positive environments. No one is ever in a bad mood when they come to Rocket Fizz. If they walk in with a bad attitude, they will walk out in a better mood.”

A franchisee can open a Rocket Fizz store for about $150,000, which includes the $54,000 franchise fee. The company also provides discounts for the military, law enforcement and firefighters. “Our monthly royalty is five percent of their gross sales,” Powells explains, noting that Rocket Fizz also has its own construction company.

“We help our new franchisees find the right location, negotiate the lease, build out the store and also handle all of the permits,” Powells says. “We also train our franchisees in an active store in California, and send a representative to help them set up and open their store.”

Rocket Fizz doesn’t leave anything to chance for its franchisees, but instead works with them closely to ensure they are successful. “We never ever leave franchisees alone,” Powells says. “We don’t want them to wonder about anything, but want them to know everything they need. Myself, Rich and Ryan are very hands-on even though we have employees.”

As Rocket Fizz looks ahead, it aims to have a location in every reasonably sized city in the United States. “There’s still a lot of room in America and throughout the world for our brand,” Powells concludes. “It’s all about strategic growth, so it has to be the right place and right time. That includes expanding overseas. We believe everyone will love us. We have no limits.”


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