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JAN-PRO became the global leader in commercial cleaning

by being thorough for its customers and franchisees. 

By Staci Davidson, Knighthouse Media

A clean workplace puts forth a quality image of a business, but additionally, quality cleaning helps ensure worker productivity and employee health and safety. JAN-PRO understands all of this, and its standards and proprietary processes have made it the leader in commercial cleaning. This dedication to excellence also has resulted in ongoing success for JAN-PRO’s franchisees, ensuring continued growth for the network.

“We are one of the true franchise organizations,” Executive Vice President of Operations Dennis Thompson explains. “All of our regional markets are owned independently. When you have an investment, you want it to grow, so everyone works collectively as a whole to improve the system. The people who come in to operate with us have been very successful in previous careers – they are great at management and very innovative – so we’ve leveraged that to improve dramatically and quickly.”

Established in 1991, JAN-PRO uses a three-tiered system of franchising: the corporate level, the regional franchises and smaller unit franchisees. As a result, the company has more than 50,000 customers, $500 million in system sales and more than 8,000 unit franchisees worldwide. JAN-PRO focuses on small- to medium-sized companies in 14 vertical markets, such as day cares, fitness centers, financial institutions, restaurants and automotive dealerships. What really sets it apart, however, are the processes it uses to ensure cleaning excellence.

JAN-PRO starts with specific operating processes and scopes of work for each market it serves. For every customer, the company has schedules for tasks that will be performed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, and it issues a guarantee that if any task is not completed to the customer’s complete level of satisfaction, JAN-PRO will fix it for free. Additionally, JAN-PRO uses backpack vacuums to improve indoor air quality, only uses hospital-grade disinfectant, and employs color-coded microfiber towels for different areas of a facility or office to minimize cross-contamination. Red towels, for example, or only used for cleaning restrooms.

“We want to understand our customers’ businesses and ensure we are talking their language,” CEO Russ Reynolds explains. “We take the extra steps and this resonates with them. When you have that kind of market channel focus and you direct it toward excelling, it leads to a much stronger relationship with the customer. Our customer retention rate is unparalleled, and that speaks to the fact that we know where we can add value. We focus on those customer groups we know we can best serve and deliver quality that makes them want to sustain the relationship.”

Strong Track Record

Relationships are key to the success of JAN-PRO, and the company highly values working with its franchisees. The regional master franchisees sell to the unit franchisees, and JAN-PRO is dedicated to ensuring the economics work for everyone involved, understanding overall growth and success come from positive results at the master and unit levels.

“From a master franchisee perspective, there has been over a million dollars of growth in [item 19],” Thompson says. “We have 27 years of an excellent track record of growth and multiple revenue streams in our model, so all of that is enticing. We have more than 140 regional masters and they are great business minds who are operating our concept. They understand our business and drive our business.

“With the unit level, we are not the lowest-priced organization, but we do that by design,” he continues. “We go to market very effectively and have technology our competitors don’t. We communicate that to our customers and our customers want to see that technology. As a result, we get better prices than our competitors do.”

Reynolds is new to the JAN-PRO operation, but he has talked to more than 50 percent of the franchisees in the system and he sees many commonalities among them. “They all wanted to go into business for themselves but not by themselves, and they also wanted to see an economic return. It’s important that everybody has skin in the game. Master franchisees enjoy the unique aspect of also getting to be a franchisor, and all of them described stories of individuals who realize their goals of owning a business and then scaling that dream to their financial goals. Master franchisees enjoy that they get to help people get into business for themselves.”

Going forward, JAN-PRO plans to explore new opportunities and improve in areas where it already does well. The company sees this as the way to attract more customers and realizes greater franchise success.

“The theme in our organization is market leadership, and we define that in a way that suits us,” Reynolds says. “It doesn’t always mean being the biggest or charging the most, for us, it’s about continuing to gain market share in markets where we have the permission and capacity to play, while serving customers well and executing our work well. If we get that right, all the other scores for the system really come together.”


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