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Bennett Management is the mastermind behind ‘Having It Your Way’ at any Burger King restaurant.

Burger King may never have been known as the fast-food chain where customers can “Have It Your Way®” if it was not for Robert Bennett, who coined the term 50 years ago. As the founder of Bennett Management Corp., a family owned and operated Burger King franchisee, Bennett was responsible for many firsts for the company.

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Arooga’s Grille House and Sports Bar signs its first franchise deal and looks
to continue expanding the brand’s footprint.

Arooga’s Grille House and Sports Bar is the place to be in Pennsylvania for the big game, date night or night out with friends. “We are a non-traditional casual sports bar with a focus on quality food and offering a great value to our guests,” Co-Founder and President Gary Huether Jr. says.


Apricot Lane’s unique spin on fashion resonates with customers, and a new e-commerce initiative will help it reach a larger audience.

As a fashion retailer, Apricot Lane loves to lead new trends. Founded in 2007 by CEO Ken Petersen and partners Scott Jacobs and Tom Brady, the company brought together two familiar but typically separate concepts and launched a women’s boutique fashion franchise.

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