Fantastic Sams

Fantastic Sams is rebranding its concept with a new look and focus on service.

By Alan Dorich

After 40 years, Fantastic Sams sets itself apart in the industry with its “value-centric,” full-service salons, Vice President of Operations Denise Gorlick says. Although its locations offer affordable services, they are anything but “cut rate,” she asserts. “You’re going to get quality service for your money.”

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Athletic Republic combines proprietary equipment, training protocols, education

and resources to improve athletes’ performance.

By Staci Davidson

Teens who participate in sports programs tend to do better in school, but they also are more likely to have high self-esteem, stronger relationships and improved physical health than non-athletes, according to the Women’s Sports Foundation. Athletic Republic understands the importance athletics plays in children’s, teens’ and adults’ lives, and this is why it remains dedicated to improving athletic performance. 


Daylight Donuts thrives by treating people right and delivering quality products.

By Alan Dorich

For 64 years, Daylight Donuts has thrived by staying true to its original donut mix. “Our customers tell us, ‘This is the best donut I’ve ever eaten,’” Vice President of Development Mike Carpenter says. “We have no desire to change.”


Ziebart simplifies its business model to provide its growing franchise network

with the greatest return on investment. 

By Janice Hoppe-Spiers, Knighthouse Media

For nearly 60 years, consumers have relied on Ziebart’s vehicle appearance and protection services to protect and preserve one of their most valuable assets. “One point that sets our brand apart from many other automotive aftermarket brands is our legacy,” Director of Marketing Larisa Walega says. “Our customers appreciate, value and trust that legacy. We are a trusted brand that provides skilled technicians and knowledgeable professional staff who can walk you through an educated process of how to get that new car feeling with our products and services.”

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